Playdoh Party Bag

BD 5.90

With the Playdoh Big Party Set Play Dough  , children will both develop their creativity and have fun!

With the Party Set, children will be able to share creativity and fun with their friends. The set, which includes 15 colorful gift card stickers and 15 different color play dough, will be the joy of the parties.

With these colorful play dough, you can make the shapes you want and create your own playground.

In the package; There is a total of 425 grams of Playdoh play dough in 15 different colors.

Play dough will help your child develop both dexterity and imagination. They will be able to make various shapes with different colors of play dough. It is very useful for preschool play activities.

Package size: 12 x 5 x 20 cm.

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