Play Dates

Getting together with friends and their children to have a fun day out is also possible at PLAY or at your preferred venue. With our knowledge and expertise in creating a PLAY date, you can be sure both parents and kids will be well entertained.


Ages 0 – 10 years 

BD4.000 per hour, non-peak only.

School Field Trips

Where fun and learning go hand-in-hand!

PLAY provides a fun and creative educational experience by inviting young students on a field trip!

We are proud to offer a discounted admission rate to our local schools.

Our learning-through-play values are best displayed during a field trip at PLAY.

A group of students can explore all that PLAY’s Town has to offer together, encouraging

cooperation and the application of learned concepts. PLAY Professionals are always available to facilitate active and imaginative play.


By allowing children to role play in different occupational zones, like the Supermarket or Fire  Station, we can help them to explore how community members work together to form a society. Through physical action and hands-on activity, children can better understand educational concepts.

By encouraging experiential learning, we nurture creative thinking and teamwork. We can plan lessons to relate to themes that the students are studying in their classes, allowing them to develop personal connections to the topic in order to make learning more meaningful.

Messy Play

Let us deal with the mess while your child enjoys the fun! Our activities will allow your child to create with sensory stimulation that will enhance your child’s creativity. Price included in regular admission.


At PLAY, we know that school holidays can be a time of boredom and frustration for students and parents alike. Let us engage your children in our entertaining camps that revolve around entertaining weekly themes.

Monthly Addons

Each month our team creates fun additional challenges that can be purchased from reception. By completing the challenge, each child will receive a prize!



BD2.000 per child

Moms & Tots picnic in the park

Come meet other mothers and bond over a cup of coffee while your children enjoy the facility and participate in the weekly activity Mondays 10am – 12 noon BD3.000 for tots and  Adults Free

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